The company

Who we are
Since 2009 we develop and produce complementary standard products as current transformers and PCB mounted transformers.
Because of the access to the production facilities of GT firmengruppe in Germany and India and an additional nearshoring-production site, innovative & premium products are generated at attractive prices.
Management policy
The management policy from GT group defines our aims, corporate values and corporate philosophy.

Our focus is being successful together with our partners (customers, employees and suppliers).

We understand our aspiration for customer and employee satisfaction, conservation of resources, constant improvement of products and environment performance, the commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements, management and monitoring because of transparency of these targets as an obligation.

GT firmengruppe
GT firmengruppe consists of 4+2 global companies with more than 600 employees.

The special benefit of GT firmengruppe is, that all relevant sectors of inductive components production are covered and nevertheless all associated companies are still independent in their core competences. Despite of this, flexible competence teams from all companies are working together, matched and composed individually to the most varied applications and projects. These facts bring enormous synergies and significant competitive advantages for our customers.

Mission of GT firmengruppe:

  • Alignment of processes towards customer-oriented and market-centered actions
  • High quality at competitive prices because of innovation and continuous improvement of own actions
  • Acting as one motivated and targeted team
  • Profitable and sustainable company

Vision of GT firmengruppe:
Leading medium-sized group for inductive components and measurement technology with global R&D and production plants.